In the Pipeline

In the Pipeline are stories that are being developed for publication. Currently, we are working on:

  • Kathy Walkie’s Cannoli deal Using “Separate Label”
  • Growing up Marco;
  • Sex Lies Hearsay and Recordings;
  • Melissa Gorga / Marco Connections to Pornography & Sex For Money Sites

7 Responses to In the Pipeline

  1. michele says:

    i love, love, love this site. it is so relevant. Thanks!

  2. JennyS says:

    Other things to check out:
    1) Someone sued Kathy in Small Claims Court in Jan, 2012 – why?
    2) Lysa Marco Simpson and husband Scott Simpson: Foreclosure by Bank of America filed 10/26/2010, still active. Your sister pays her bills, what about you?
    3) Not the first time at the rodeo for Scott Simpson. Has cases against him a mile long. Other foreclosure action in Nov, 2009. NJ Natural Gas sued him for non payment of his bill. Judgment entered for $2072 against him in 2004. Funny how they could sit there at that christening making fun of Joe Giudice for not paying his bills, right?
    4) Chris Not-slim-but-shady Laurita filed a suit against someone “Harold P. Cook III” on 8/23/12, requested Jury Trial. What’s that all about? If you google him, you will see what a crook he is, and probably the evidence Juicy used to make the statement “shady.”

    • FauxReality says:

      Jenny, thanks for intel. Will look into it. Harold Cook is Lawyer in Passaic who recently got into ethics trouble for being involved with a lot of shady land and mortgage deals. Cook was also a municipal judge in the area. I will work on this information and post. Thanks again.

  3. LisaC78 says:

    After reading about Jacquelines interview on gma, I was curious that she mentions she’s a licensed cosmetologist.I wondered why she would keep her license active when she wasn’t in the biz. I searched her name on the NJ state website that allows you to check on professional licenses.Unless Im mistaken she is not listed as a licensed cosmetologist,neither active nor expired. However Kathy Wakile did check out.I continued to the Nevada state cosmetology licensee search and Jacqueline Laurita is actively licensed as a cosmetologist for the state of NEVADA, effective as of July 1st 2009! What thee hell.2009?! There are no licensees under her maiden name Jacqueline Grippe or Holmes. her former married name.WHY would she renew her license in the state of Nevada when she has been a NJ resident for years? Nevada licensees are required to renew every 2 years. It appears she lied about being a cosmetologist when she met Chris,and obtained her license in the state of Nevada 3 years ago to appear halfway legit. I know this isn’t a huge scandal lol but if its true it proves she’s shady. Id love if you could confirm or add to this for me, I love your blog!!

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