Joanna Krupa Demands Brandi Glanville Tell The Truth

Krupa Glanville Head Shot BlogBrandi Glanville stepped in it AGAIN – her mouth can’t seem to get out of it’s own way lately!

Glanville of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has become notorious for her unpredictable tourretts-like insults about her cast mates, other stars, families, their pets, etc.  But it looks like, this time, Glanville picked the wrong Super Model to trash.

On January 6, 2015, Joanna Krupa retained high powered lawyer Raymond J. Rafool to send Glanville a missive that is loud and clear: “we intend to sue you for lying.”

The missive makes it clear that Glanville’s repeated actions in spreading unsavory statements about Joanna Krupa will come to a stop or additional causes of action will be utilized in addition to those existing thus far. The following letter was served on Glanville:

KrupaGlanvilleWM1 blog

Both Lisa Vanderpump and Mohamed Hadid have denied Glanville’s assertions and backed Joanna Krupa.  In fact, Hadid took to twitter when Glanville first made the statement on November 11, 2013 to denounce Glanville and make it clear that Glanville was lying:


So is Brandi Glanville prepared to say Mohamed Hadid is lying? It appears Glanville will have to prove that Vanderpump and Hadid are lying in addition to showing that what she said (and continues to say) about Joanna is true.

Brandi Krupa Blog Head Shot 2Glanville has repeatedly stated that she cannot control what she says, especially when she is angered.  She has also made false statements about Lisa Vanderpump (that she filed for bankruptcy and was responsible for getting Cedric deported, etc.)

This would be a good time for Glanville to reform her ways since Joanna Krupa has just called her bluff and it’s a very legal, very powerful CHECK MATE.

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4 Responses to Joanna Krupa Demands Brandi Glanville Tell The Truth

  1. Reblogged this on A Blonde Bonshell's Bible… and commented:
    I’m proud @joannakrupa ignored such ugly slander for so long, but prouder she’s decided enough’s enough! #StrongWoman

  2. gessiewtf says:

    Where have you been! Come back to us. The world is boring without you.

  3. Alex says:

    Good for Joanna!!! Even if Muhammad did say it, it is soooo wrong to repeat it. It doesn’t make him look bad, it makes Brandi look bad. Just classless. I think Brandi is jealous bc Joanna is one the most beautiful women in world. Not to mention smart, loving, and an animal advacate. Love you pretty lady!!! Awesone blog per usual! 😘💌😘💌😘💌

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