Breaking NEWS: Jacqueline Laurita’s damning Direct Messages re: Posche Fashion Show

Jacqueline Laurita’s obsessive twitter behavior may have landed her in a world of trouble. The night before Part Three of the RHONJ reunion, Jacqueline sent direct messages regarding the debacle at the Posche Fashion Show (PFS) which took place on September 29, 2011. The Direct Messages will be posted shortly.

During a tabloid interview, Melissa Gorga stated:

In numerous settings, Jacqueline confirmed that she was told that someone was going to be targeted . . . To Be continued on Faux Reality Entertainment


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79 Responses to Breaking NEWS: Jacqueline Laurita’s damning Direct Messages re: Posche Fashion Show

  1. JennyS says:

    This is so exciting! I feel like I’m in the front row I’m LOVING IT watching you bring down these idiots.

  2. TLB says:

    Buckle up bitches!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Great work! Thanks so much!

  4. JJ says:

    I hate to say it but I cant wait to see three go down! πŸ™‚

  5. yvonne says:

    “Youre not the victim, I am!!” lololol!!

  6. Kelly says:

    YOU WANNA PLAY!!!! I can not wait.

  7. Ladyliberty123 says:

    I remember reading that article above in Melissa’s article and thinking wait so she knew and they all knew and went there hoping the dime was going to be dropped on teresa. So they were all in on it! And set up teresa. I remember the twitter person with that flo character from Alice …. Haven’t seen them in awhile!

  8. Bravofan says:

    can’t wait

  9. Pixie says:

    Faux, you are such a tease! Can’t wait to see!!!

  10. tobyno says:

    Great work! Could you please finish??

  11. Jennifer says:

    What is wrong with Bravo? Why haven’t they known all about the Laurita bankruptcy and it’s filings and comments about them by the presiding Judge? Why do they portray these greedy con artists with a LONG list of creditors as remotely credible? Why do they peddle their latest LAUGHABLE product? They do KNOW what a conniving backstabber Jac is, SHE and the other mean women are doing to Teresa what they did to Danielle, gang up on her all year, refuse to shoot with her in order that she will be kicked off the show like Danielle was. DON’T FALL FOR IT, DON’T LET BRAVO REWARD JACO AND HER SCHEMES.

  12. lovesrealitytv says:

    Admin-will Yamamasbox release the DM’s to you?

  13. lovesrealitytv says:

    Admin-sorry-I saw that you are going to post the DM’s soon. Please excuse me for not reading your post clearly.

  14. madamedummy says:

    great work !
    you are ‘tops’ !
    thanks for clarifying what many viewers ‘feel’ in their gut…
    classic ‘gangstalking behavior’
    despicable ..
    hope it comes around to bite them in the ass …

  15. fame, do you think that all this will come out tonight,since its last of finale. thank you, after season ends,will you keep us updated on chris, wacko jacko, so we’ll laugh as they get punished lol

    • Jeannie5233 says:

      Hi Lucille – the reunion was taped back in September so none of this will come out tonight. It will be up to people like FauxReality and even FAME (if up to it) who want to see justice done for what the Gorgas, Lauritas, Manzos, Wakiles and, most importantly Bravo have done, to continue doing this great investigative work and getting it out there to the public as much as possible.

      It is bad enough that not only the effort was made to destroy Teresa’s reputation and credibility, the lengths that are being gone to destroy her entire life, is despicable. It is time for ALL of the lies to be exposed – and not to just a few – it has to go mainstream to reach everyone.

    • so looks like another teresa bashing all night, hope andy has a special soon, to clear all of this up

    • i thought they extended the show,waiting for joe’s trial

    • look under flo’s picture date is oct 2012 jacko sent that text two days ago

    • gramalot says:

      Andy Cohen did not get where he is without brains. Think he knows most of the secrets of these goombahs, but has jumped on the “let’s bash the Giudice bandwagon for ratings” parade. Why . did he ever get in bed with these low lifes? Sad Bravo is just as despicable as they are Money is so the ultimate corrupter. Souless ass-oles

  16. Jeannie5233 says:

    I am still trying to figure out WHY Jac would continue to be friends with Kim D. – her “indignation” is only aimed at Teresa for the setup? She supposedly addresses this in #4 in her Bravo blog but it doesn’t ring true to me. The only thing I can think of is: “Keep your friends close; Keep your enemies closer.”

    • Dubbalicious says:

      I’m so tired of Jacqueline being rewarded for bad behavior. She has proven to be more of a liability to the franchise than an asset. She needs to be gone… ASAP!!
      Let’s see how long she’ll continue her craziness with tonight being the end of the season. Let’s hope after tonight some of the sideline players start spilling..

  17. Whit says:

    What excuse did the others have for not informing Teresa that someone was about the be set up at the fashion show? Teresa can always claim she didn’t know Angelo would be at the show, or that he would try to walk up to Melissa. But if she expected someone to be set up there, she could surely put two and two together and know the “target” was Melissa. Why would Jacqueline, before the show, tell Melissa that there was a target (and she undoubtedly told Caroline and Lauren, everyone except Kathy, who might potentially inform Teresa since they were on good terms then) but not Teresa? It seems to me that Teresa was the one set up and was the intended target all along, and Jacqueline didn’t do enough to warn everyone that one of them was about to be set up.

    • Ladyliberty123 says:

      That’s because they were hoping Teresa was the intended target of the set up. Not that she would be the scapegoat for it! IMO

    • all of them are so cruel, wonder if it will be exposed tonight,while they are still on show,if not andy should be firted and bravo made to tell everyone its not real housewives,its fiction

  18. Dubbalicious says:

    Thank you FauxReality for giving us another great site! My appetite seems to be insatiable when it comes to these women. The truth you provide is not only necessary, but greatly appreciated! I look forward to all your future posts!

    • now we know why caroline’s not coming back,she lnew the story would come out sooner or later. we all should email email andy and bravo,that we want special to come out explaining everything and clearing teresa. he should have to face teresa and joe,while he;s doing ot,or get fired

    • gramalot says:

      To Lucille YES!!!! Totally agree. Andy has duped the viewers long enough and worst of all, he has promoted the character assassination of Teresa who, tho not perfect, is a decent human being who has actually kept her mouth shut about a lot of the crap in the Manzo/Laurita Wakile skeleton closets. Teresa is just not verbally or intellectually cut out to defend herself with these poisonous vipers, who have sold their souls to the devil.

    • wish i could think of answers right away,they come hrs later lol maybe teresa is same way.

  19. Paula2 says:

    Can’t wait!

  20. Gayle Meierhoff says:

    Can you define “shortly?” I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but I’ve been waiting and watching for the update since last night — dying of curiosity here! πŸ™‚

  21. Jennifer says:

    Teresa and Joe’s bankruptcy isn’t any excuse for Bravo letting the SIMILAR Laurita’s financial situation be buried, and for Teresa be bullied, set up, lied about, all with the knowledge of the other women and Bravo. It’s set up, scripted NON REALITY TV at it’s worst, as bad as the WWE. And then for Melissa to further profit by from the LIE selling the story of the LIE for her own profit to US magazine, and then the other two, Jac Daniels and Caroline, joining Melissa to peddle THE LIE the next week in US magazine, no doubt for profit.

  22. Jennifer says:

    The hubris of the none to bright Jacko – thinking ANY charity would use her as a spokesperson, which is also how she is trying to sell herself to stay on the show the show, with an autism story line, after one of the entities they STIFFED and is suing them is one of the country’s most prominent charites, the Susan Komen foundation.

  23. Confused RHNJ viewer says:

    As someone posted earlier “Buckle up Bitches.” Well, this bitch has been buckled up since last night. I’m dying to see the DM’s………………….patience was never my virtue.

  24. HairLikeCher says:

    I am LMAO at the update to this blog post. Yiz know what I’m tawkin about. πŸ˜‰

  25. hoolie says:

    wow- just found this site…..awesome stuff!
    can’t wait to see the dm’s.

    • bet andy and bravo know about this site too,but won’t admit it ,thanks to fame,we are finding out the truth

    • I’m so mad at the ending of houswives and andy. it was so wrong to still have teresa lokking so bad. wonder if bravo will have special, before next yr, other wise lots of us will be boycotting all of bravo shows. at least i will lol

  26. Jennifer says:

    Baloney about Jacko’s comments in the DM that she didn’t know until AFTER. She’s such a dumb liar. There is a still of her on one of the sites from the PFS WAVING to the producer and holding her phone BEFORE, while they are ALL seated at the table. She KNEW THEN what was going to go down. She’s such an idiot, when is she going to be booted from the show for good?

  27. madanjones says:

    I have a question that was brought up in your blog about the time. OK, Angelo comes over and says hi to Melissa, she calls her husband and he says “where are you?” She says NY, he says “I’ll be right there.” How long does it actually take for him to get there? Why is Ritchie with him, and also, he appeared to me to be drunk. Did he drunk drive from NJ to NYC, and how long would that take? I read someplace that he was really across the street from the place where the fashion show was, and I also read that he was there with Kim G. Is that true? If so, that adds more proof to the set-up, at least in my mind. Maybe the Bravo producers were all set up across the street – possibly having a party? I would like to know, I really think Joe Gorga had a few too many when he showed up to protect Melissa.

    • FauxReality says:

      The Fashion Show wasn’t in New York, it was in West New York, NJ. West New York is the town over from Hoboken (where the Manzo boys live). I believe Joe Gorga and Rich Wakile were in Hoboken. That would take less than 10 minutes to get to West New York.

    • this was most horrible ending.from now on i’m boycotting andy’s show and all of bravo,only way they can make happy,is before next season,is to have a special showing the whole truth,which bravo won;t do. the should take the word real out of title,replace it with bravo fiction housewives of new jersey

    • Jennifer says:

      Scoll down and see the sequence of events. Jacko WAVING to Angelo, who is off camera. SHE KNOWS WHO HE IS BEFORE HE COMES UP TO THE TABLE. Then she is laughing further as he approaches the table to confront Melissa. The whole thing is as rigged and phony as a three dollar bill

    • KS2ID2TX says:

      Angelo walked over to the table, where the HW’s were, BEFORE he was supposed to, and security turned him away. MeGo saw him at this point, recognized who he was, but didn’t want to let the cameras know she saw him, so she proceeded to text JoGo about it, under the table. That’s why he was there so fast. The phone call in the bathroom was staged, because he was already on his way, at that point. She needed to make that phone call for the cameras/viewers, because it would have raised a lot of eyebrows if JoGo had just, all of a sudden, shown up for no reason.

  28. Jeannie5233 says:

    OK – so now Jac is saying that it was AFTER – rather than before. Damn – I cleaned up my DVR and erased everything. Can someone refresh my memory – is it the last show of the season or at one of the Reunion episodes where Jac says she knew about this 2 or 4 weeks BEFORE that something was going to happen? Could have sworn I heard that somewhere!

    • HairLikeCher says:

      She said in her finale blog that one of the texts she received claimed that TERESA knew about the “set up” two weeks prior to the PFS.

      “13. My mutual friends with Teresa told me that Teresa knew TWO WEEKS PRIOR that this set up against Melissa was going to happen. WHAT? NO warning for Melissa??? As soon as I put all the pieces together and I knew that something bad was going on and that Melissa was the target, I was texting her to let her know. I didn’t know who the target was until I started getting texts on different details from a couple of mutual friends. It was not Kim G. as some of you think. She had absolutely NO part in this. Although I heard she was supposed to be there too. Mutual friends that you all wouldn’t know were texting me. I can’t expose them, because they are still friendly with Teresa.”

      There seriously is no limit to her jackassery.

    • Jeannie5233 says:

      Thanks HLC!!! With all this information, sometimes I feel like my head is spinning trying to keep it all straight! By the way, Fame has a blog up. πŸ™‚

    • Jennifer says:

      She’s such a liar, she’s waving at Angelo BEFORE he even went up to the table to confront Melissa. She knew BEFOREHAND.

  29. Is Jac still tweeting nonsense? Can you all imagine what she’ll be tweeting after Reunion 3? Ugh.

    • HairLikeCher says:

      Her tweets during the reunion (pt 3) still don’t make any sense. It’s all “Kim D texted me this” and then “A friend texted me something else” and “text text text” and she’s still damning Teresa. It’s hard to follow because her thought process only makes sense to her and when you step back and look at it, it’s just so bizarre and juvenile. Like, really Jacqueline? You are expecting everyone to join your Teresa Haters Club based a years worth of tweets that claim a bunch of people texted you but names are being withheld to protect…Teresa? The same Teresa that you hate and who you have called “scum”? We are supposed to believe that you can’t tell us who told you she was behind all this for two weeks prior to it actually happening because you care about HER relationship with that person? But you don’t care about her relationship with her brother, her sister-in-law, her parents, her husband, her daughters, her niece or nephews, Kathy, or Dina…those can be torn to shreds, right?
      Here’s another peachy tweet from Jackwad: someone tweeted her about Cat Rodriguez being fired and Jac replied that nobody named Cat and no producers were fired from RHONJ. We need to invent a new word for “liar” because “liar” just doesn’t properly communicate exactly what Jacqueline Laurita is anymore.

  30. Fame Whorga On Display! On Display!! says:

    I think someone should forward this to ANDY COHEN
    Then the certified Psycho path will for sure be a NO NO for Season 5.
    Keep up the good work!

  31. Fame Whorga On Display! On Display!! says:

    lol look how Flo has her name tag pinned on. LOL!
    I used to watch that show when I was a kid.

  32. FauxReality says:

    Thanks for watching out for me πŸ™‚

  33. cammierari says:

    Didn’t someone do a detailed timeline of the PFS based on what’s on the table in what scene? And didn’t that prove that the timeline shown on the episode wasn’t the timeline of events? So Jac DM’ing people that proof of anything will be found watching the episode is laughable.

    These women are really horrible and I feel horrible watching. I think I’m done after tonight, but I’ll never leave the blogs! You guys are all great to read and talk to. I’m so impressed with everyones investigative skills!

    • Jeannie5233 says:

      The plates do change around – remember at the “end” of the fashion show, Teresa is inside saying hii to everyone – well that was actually at the “beginning” of the night – look at the tables – they are all set! In all the scenes, look at the plates, the serving of the dinner is out of order! I commented on this on Fame’s blog.

  34. not a loyal bone in that creepy woman, Jacqueline’s, body. That’s why Dina stays away from those fools. I would too.

  35. Sherri Bebee says:

    Caroline needs to quit frowning when she’s trying to find some subliminal message in everything Theresa says! She is going to get bad wrinkles!

  36. angryinnv says:

    where does this $55 mil figure come from? that seems like an awful amount of money for two people to have done whatever they did with it. doesn’t sound right to me. i wish in part 3 of the reunion, people would have allowed others to talk, without talking over them, so that we could understand what was being said. it was like a free-for-all, and not only didn’t it solved anything, but i would bet most of us don’t know what the hell was said. one thing i have noticed about teresa – the minute anyone goes after her, she starts talking over them. i don’t know if that is because they are telling the truth and she doesn’t want people to hear it, or because she is in denial and doesn’t want to hear what anyone else has to say. she does it all the time – during the filming of the show and the reunion.

    last thing, caroline and dina are married to brothers. are the brothers talking to each other? just curious about that. btw, it may not be a good idea to have a housewives show where too many people are related to each other. aside from ruining families, it is way too emotional and over the top. better to have a cast of people who know each other or who know of each other. you never see ny or oc or even atlanta as contentious as nj. nj was just awful this last season because of all the family jealousy and people trying to take each other down. we see conflicts on the other hw shows, but not as bad as this, and it’s easier for us to follow when it’s not as contentious.

  37. Joanna says:

    In light of Chris and Jacqueline not giving the Susan G. Komen Fund their $18,000.00
    they are owned (listing it in the Signature Apparel Bankruptcy instead) I think this
    Autism Awareness group might want to be careful with letting these two have fundraisers and/or access to any donations received.

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