In the Pipe Line: Laurita Family Failed Attempt to Use “Diminished Capacity” to Defend Jacqueline’s Exposure

In the wake of mounting allegations against the Laurita family and the manner in which the  Laurita Family raided the corporate assets of Signature Apparel to the tune of $55 million, it appears that the Laurita Family are attempting to limit Jacqueline’s liability by showing “diminished capacity”

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44 Responses to In the Pipe Line: Laurita Family Failed Attempt to Use “Diminished Capacity” to Defend Jacqueline’s Exposure

  1. adioslunatic says:


    diminished capacity essentially a psychological term which has found its way into criminal trials; at the time the offense was committed, an accused was not suffering from a mental disease or defect sufficient to exonerate him or her from all criminal responsibility, the accused’s mental capacity may have been diminished by intoxication, trauma, or mental disease so that he or she did not possess the specific mental state or intent essential to the particular offense charged

    • Gemma says:

      the accused’s mental capacity may have been diminished by intoxication. So basically Chris is telling us what we already knew…Jax is a DRUNK! Now,would any NORMAL parent try and call themselves a drunk, or mentally unstable,to get out of legal trouble, at the same time they are announcing that their child has SPECIAL NEEDS? Is someone who has/had diminished capacity capable of raising a child who has Autism? I’m just saying this because I wouldn’t want people (CPS) sniffing around my life, because I’m experiencing “Diminished Capacity.” They can’t have it all-the $55 million,the attention on their child(in order to stay on the show) and then be calm and sane enough to raise a child who needs more attention than the average child. I’m not trying to talk bad about Jax son, or Autism, so I’m sorry if I offend anyone.Just trying to point out the Laurita’s expectation of double standards.

  2. hdgurl says:

    Hmmm perhaps this is why Chris has not taken her ipad away! To use her nutsy behavior online as evidence that she does not have the capacity to make sound decisions. Just a thought…

  3. Something smells really fishy. And it ain’t Mrs. Wakile.

  4. adioslunatic says:

    I truly can’t see them taking this into account. This was not a momentary break from sanity resulting in a heat of the moment action. Also, she sure enjoyed that money!

    Thin as rice paper, imo…

  5. citygirl2 says:

    I don’t think they should use the child’s situation for this reason. While I’m sure every mom with a child that regresses is under a tremendous amount of pressure (trauma) I’m sure they would not like to think of themselves as having a diminished metal capacity. What an insult to these brave women.
    If it’s her drinking/drugging that should be investigated. It doesn’t seem to be a recent issue and if she has had this problem for years then why was her name listed on the corporation to begin with? Or is she developed a problem since starting Signature Apparel why was her name not removed?

    During this time she worked and earned an income. Developed products to launch. Went to parties & entertained. She certainly took good care of herself physically with all the botox, fillers and who knows what else.

    Jacqueline benifited from raideing the corporate assets for years. No sympathy from me.
    I hope the U.S. Bankruptcy Court see past this ploy.

    • Professor3rdeye says:

      Exactly Citygirl! I’ve had the misfortune of living with two “crazy” alcoholic family members all my life, and IMHO,.Jax displays classic signs of being an alcoholic. The question I have is if she ramped up her drinking while associated with BRAVO, or was she drinking heavily prior?

    • Az says:

      I don’t care for Jac and I think she’s a sloppy drunk, but what “classic signs” are you referring to? I would think that it would be hard by watching a tv show to tell if a person is truly an alcoholic.

  6. Joanna says:

    I think it’s very transparent that they are using the Autism for sympathy and legal reasons.
    Joe Giudice was right when he called Chris Laurita Shady.

  7. Karma? She threw stones at Teresa and now look at the mess she’s in. Her husband must be so humiliated. Caroline’s anger is misdirected at Teresa.

  8. kayla says:

    This makes me sick!That whole family is a bunch of crooks.

  9. Professor3rdeye says:

    It must be Teresa’s fault!

  10. cammierari says:

    gotta say, this could be the answer to the oft asked Q: Where is Jac’s family while she is disassociating on Twitter..? Maybe they are hoping that the worse she gets on social media, the better their case for diminished capacity

  11. Jay says:

    The problem is that the footage from the show will count against her. Bravo sold her as the devoted friend who is a voice of reason. You don’t suddenly become crazy because your child has a condition.

  12. emma says:

    I can’t believe that they’d be able to claim “diminished capacity” because the time frame outlined in the complaint alleges that the (alleged) Lauritas’ Bleed-Out started before Jacqueline was pregnant and ended when Nicholas was only 5 months old. If they try to pull this off, is Chris saying that Jacqueline was intoxicated and/or had serious mental issues before, during and after her last pregnancy? Ohhhhkay.

    They did file an amendment on her behalf that said she didn’t have enough knowledge to know that what she was doing was illegal. *Cough* But diminished capacity is a whole ‘nuther story! It won’t get her totally off the hook if they should lose this case, either.

    • jar says:

      Agreed. She would have had to have to have suffered from diminished capacity during the entire relevent period. Diminished capacity means that she was unable to form the requisite mens rea (ie, unable to form the required criminal intent). Extreme alcoholism at the time she executed a document would satisfy the requirement. However, this is a corporate case. The directors have a fiduciary duty to the corporation and its shareholders. The rest of the fraudsters would seal their fates if they argued that she was incapacitated. This is a Hail Mary pass. There is no way they could prevail on this claim and the fact that they are even trying is evidence of their desperation. It couldn’t happen to a better bunch of alleged crooks.

  13. Midnite79 says:

    The Laurita’s and Manzo’s also questioned Teresa saying she didn’t realize how bad her and Joe’s financial situation was- yet now Jax is saying the same thing? How convenient

  14. Midnite79 says:

    Just had a thought- Did anyone else see on the reunion (part 2 I believe) where Teresa said that Chris controls all the money and he doles it out bit by bit after Jax asks for it? Tree said that Jax had to practically beg Chris for a hundred bucks. Jax’s reply was that she is more responsible with money and doesn’t spend a lot the way Tree does. First of all, if he is dishing out the money she has NO choice in how much she spends- she can’t spend tons bc she doesn’t have access to it. I would never put up with a man “giving” me some money that I had to beg for- the money is joint money, whether the wife works outside the home or not…(just my opinion). This revelation makes me think less of Chris, but maybe he does it bc Jax is cray cray and can’t be trusted with money, any thoughts??

    • Confused RHNJ viewer says:

      I was just going to post the same as that comment stuck in my head as well. Controlling her money could be for a variety of reasons, from being broke all the way to something more sinister as hiding cash.

  15. Midnite79 says:

    So maybe she isn’t involved in running up the bills if she has no access to money…. Yes she enjoyed the fruits of the money, but who wouldn’t?

    • emma says:

      I didn’t catch that exchange in the reunion, but I’ve wondered if Jacqueline actually knew the extent to which Chris had implicated her in the Signature fiasco. If he controls and micro-manages the purse strings in that family, then to me, it’s not a stretch that he’d have her sign checks w/out knowing exactly what she was signing. She’s not too bright to begin with, so, filing an amended response of basically — ignorance — to the charges on her behalf actually makes the allegations against Chris seem even shadier. I don’t feel sorry for either of them.

  16. paulryanswidowspeak> “Something smells really fishy. And it ain’t Mrs. Wakile.”

    omg truly LMAO (and great handle too, lol!) Just PRICELESS! 🙂

    Needed a laugh as I go through famewhorga withdrawals 😦 (But nothing like the withdrawals Jax will go through when they lock her up with no access to xanax/alcohol/DRAMA!

  17. lovesrealitytv says:

    Has anyone thought, as I have, that this “Diminished Capacity” ploy could be Chris gas lighting Jax. She goes along with the Diminished Capacity for the lawsuit but Chris wants he to go along with it so he gets the boys all to himself and sends her drunken out ass to the street. Maybe her ex husband will take her in since she’s so good @ Showing him her boobies when they Skype about Ashley and she leans down into the camera.

    • adioslunatic says:

      I think she is willingly being gas-lighted but is too stupid to realize the full implications…I said this weeks ago, Caroline is itchin’ to get her hands on that baby…

    • TiaGia says:

      OMG!!! That hadn’t crossed my mind until you mentioned it adios! That would ruin them for sure!

    • says:

      Just the thought of that makes me want to cry.If Caroline sinks her claws into Nick now the day will come when he says I love you mommy to her and not Jac`s.Hell,I wondered why Caroline was so up Jac`s ass over the past year.Caroline could easily take on the hero/aunt/autism mommy deal if something happens to Jac`s.What a messed up bunch of people.

  18. Buck Henry says:

    But what may happen Is that her signature is on so much and she was getting a salary for “what”, it will be hard for her to say diminished capacity. Also there is another thing, if she has diminished capacity she won’t be able to be around her kids. So this is the situation they will go to them and say we got he goods on all of you (Chris will be there). If you want to go down this diminished capacity it risks you not being able to see your children anymore and it still won’t get Chris out of the the situation he’s in. If you come out and plead guilty for all of it your wife won’t go to jail just probation for her part but you and the others will and you will have your personal assets attached in paying these lawsuits and debt.

    He may not want to, but since his wife is half crazy she will do anything to stay by her kids and she might even testify against Chris and make it worse for him in order to stay with her kids.

    • lovesrealitytv says:

      DonCaro has despised Wacho Jacko from day one. But Jacko’s father is no dummy and she listens to him. He will be watching out for her just like Katie Holmes father pulled the “secret divorce of the century”. Is there any real proof that Jack was a prostitute in vegas?

    • gramalot says:

      Big party girtl, yes, ho bag, no. Feel sorry for her dad, seemed like a disciplined, reasonable guy when he appeared on the show.. Her mom is a nut twitterer like her daughter. What grief she has brought to them both.

    • rhocomix says:

      Typically a corporation files for the corporation only. Creditors can’t attach personal assets. There are cases where creditors can petition to attach a personal asset but….

      Can someone clarify why diminished capacity is being used in the bankruptcy? Is Chris putting all of the debts on Jac and then saying she was unable to form requisite logic to take on those debts and should therefore be void?? That sounds like a stretch, she probably doesn’t ven know where the warehouse was. Can someone clarify this?

    • rhocomix says:

      The way the article reads implies that Chris is trying to shield Jac via diminished capacity. Wow! That’s a long way to go to prove someone wasn’t part of ur business, no? Even if the purpose is to negate jacs signature in checks, etc. there are a lot easier ways to remove jacs liability tha. To say she’s a nutter or feeble. Dayum…. Mebbe the other posters above r onto something, maybe Chris is gasoighting her.

      Oh LIGHBULB, (ala despicable me). Did Chris have Jac sign the corporate resolution? S that Jac is an officer of the corp and Chris isn’t. .?? V interesting.l.l think I feel another comic strip coming on.

    • Buck Henry says:

      What happened the Lauritas pierced the corporate vail (the co-mingling of corporate assets with personal). In other words they used the corporate money as their own piggy bank and didn’t pay the bills. That is why the FEDERAL BANKRUPTCY TRUSTEE is going after them personally. Because right now they are doing discovery to find where money and assets went from the corporate business to them personally. They don’t do that unless they have the goods on them looting the company. These guys aren’t dumb, this is the oldest trick in the book in regard to corporate bankruptcy, they even find once instance that is enough and they have hundreds and you can bet your last dollar that eventually someone is going to start talking in order to stay out of prison.

      They are in worse shape than the Giudice’s and they know it. He and his gang could be looking at at least 20 to 40 years in prison for essentially stealing from a company.

  19. Empy says:

    Wait!!! Didn’t Chris sorta coerce Jack cosign for Ashley’s car? It was clear she didn’t want to do it and he told her she had too.

  20. Llinda says:

    I love all these comments. Personally, I think they were ALL in on this mess-but can’t buy their way out-as usual! Their payoffs typically shut people up-Asslee anyone. I also think Jac didn’t want to sign off her that car for Asslee, but she did because Asslee could talk about Jac’s past, GlitterGulch/stripper past/grandma raised Asslee till move to Jersey. Asslee knows how Jac was a stripper and always a party girl-so Jac like to look like voice of reason for camera-or-I also think she was/is jealous of Asslee and acted more like her peer than mother. They are in a panic-broke and both could face prison time. So I do think the autism diagbosis is suspect-the timing-the 9 month wait for the “diagnosis” (or find the right doc to pay – off!!)/the fact she doesn’t seem to focus on intetacting with him but stay on twitter 24/7! Nothing fits and gis symptoms are also possible with FAS-if which I would find more believable. The Lauritas are so dirty, they would nit blink to keep Jac incompaitated to have full control over the boys. I really think CPS needs to do some late night surprise visits when she is obsessively tweeting her hate/autism/makeup/hate tweets. What the hell is Chris doing during this time? What husband or Father would allow the mother of his children to deteriorate, especially on social media instead of getting her help? The show where Chris was sneaking around the deck all day, watching her talk drunk, tits showing, on computer with xhubby-then he sneaks and watches Caro & Jac HARRASS the hell out of Tre on the deck! He is maybe the worst of them all-and I hate all of them but the Guidices! Chris is allowing Jax to completely lose herself and he does NOTHING! Gawd I hope the FEDS are building their case by investigating the whole manzo/laurita family, taping their calls and watching every single move they make-noting this all as it unfolds. I do wonder WHO owns BLK?? Chris surely wouldnt be so dumb as to be listed or all the income will be lost to the vendors and creditirs he screwed? So, wonder if it is under Caroline’s & sons name???

    • gramalot says:

      To Llinda. BLK has been sued by a Canadian company who were marketing their black water product at a trade show attended by the Manzos, who then copied the product. Don’t know how that law suit progressed, but the idea did not originate with these not smart enough to be original thieves. I doubt they ever heard of fulvic acid, the key component in black water. Idiots!! Crittofur and Albie and Uncle Chris , if you go back to early season three, were all setting up an office together in the former home, I believe , of their Laurita grandparents. Carobully’s wonderful sons need to actually FIND JOBS. Why do so many of these people keep setting up half baked businesses that perpetrate fraud every time they blink??? Get the governor after them!

  21. says:

    I think the Manzo`s made a point of showing just how fragile Jac`s has been all season.No one made a move to hush her at the reunion until Andy told Chris to make her stay out of it.I really do think she is cracked with a wine chaser.Frankly I couldn`t help but think once the show ended Jac`s would no longer be part of Caroline and company.This just makes it seem all the more tragic.

  22. says:

    Just one more question.Why is it you may see one of the cast sip at a bottle of blk but never have I seen it on the dinner table?It is water right?I see water glass all over the place on RHONJ.Why not show the world that it is so good it is a pantry staple?

  23. RahRah says:

    There is no way that elephant–diminished capacity will can fly or will fly. They have to just watch the 4 seasons of RHONJ. Juvenile Jac at best is nothing more than a drunk and being a drunk is no defense.

  24. Jennifer says:

    There’s a hearing next week in the Signature Apparel v. ROC case in New York. The media needs to cover this, and not just the Guidice’s hearings. I am more interested in this than anything else about the Laurita’s. They peddle non stop PR and BS, and it’s long past time they faced the same scrutiny as the Giudice’s. Let’s see if they had to produce any medical documentation to use a “diminished capacity” defense for Jac Daniels.

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