Wakile Calls Giudice Fans “Bunch of Crazies”

The sweet, old school, respectful 5th wheel of the RHONJ is showing the wolf in sheep’s clothing – fangs, claws and all.  Faux reality gave way to Wakile’s bitter angry Goddess.

“I’m a Goddess, Mama Gorga is an effen Liar, Juicy is a Cheater, Giudice fans are crazies” says Saint Katfish

From the inception of the Reunion, Kathy Wakile was combative, hostile and vicious. Host Andy Cohen reprimanded Wakile when she continued her tirade against Teresa Giudice’s mother. Wakile spent the Reunion screaming insults at Teresa Giudice over the other ladies like a fishmonger. See Complete Article at Faux Reality Entertainment

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12 Responses to Wakile Calls Giudice Fans “Bunch of Crazies”

  1. Shannon *shanandcrew says:

    I’m still gobsmacked after 2 seasons, how these Reality Hamsters react to viewers. It’s as if Jersey Hamsters truly believe a soul could not love them. Which is laughable because they can be so unlike able. Dick has referred to T fans as puppets. Jac and her mother refer to T fans as soldiers and they all truly believe T gives each and every fan orders to execute. I think they’ve convinced themselves of this because to see the truth would be too heartbreaking. Why own your disgusting actions and words if you can play hypocrite and project your own behavior on others?
    Their lack of self awareness and bizarre accusations says it all.

  2. dave says:

    Dang. More jealousy of Katfish. Seriously Katfish you have never brought anything to the show except you obnoxious yellow teeth husband. Go back behind the chair and do hair again. If you dont like the heat stay out of the kitchen.

  3. ANGEL says:

    Teresa told the truth again when she said we didn’t get to see what Kathy was like. She has turned into a snipeing harpie. I have believed she was nasty and ashamed of Rosie in the past. So much has been borderline admitted. Their father was apparently so “wonderful,” Ranter Rosie wouldn’t come out until he died, she said that clearly. Only a sexual ignorant would not have thought she is a lesbian. Rosie must have had very bad behavior in the past, I wonder what her family put up with, she uses being gay as an excuse. Two disingenuous women, showing rehearsed degrees of disclosure. That is their prerogative, but stay out of Teresa’s business, bitches.

  4. professor3rd eye says:

    Reporter Maria Vultaggio of the IBP News wrote:
    “During the second half of the reunion, Kathy Wakile apologized to Giudice since she called her mother a “f***ing liar.” Even though it was nice that Wakile apologized for being wrong, Giudice deserved the dig Wakile took at her, especially since Giudice is always putting her other castmates down.”

    The chick isn’t a “blogger”, but a reporter for a business journal. I read it as though
    Ms. Vultaggio said Teresa’s mother deserved to be called an “f***ing liar”. WOW to the wow!

    • dunnwrightpr says:

      I really can’t believe this statement was in the IBP. Journalism at its finest, huh? Very disheartened the media, which does not include this “blogger,” can’t stay neutal anymore.

    • dunnwrightpr says:

      And, Kathy should be ashamed. She follows the QOM, but is offended by tweet that calls her a name?! Nice logic. No wonder she is so boring.

  5. CB says:

    She is showing her true colors.. since she’s afraid she’ll be let go and wants to show mandy andy how great she’ll be to continue to destroy Teresa.. like.. “Can i keep my job now???>>>>>” her husband.. what a loser.. the things that man has said…. how does the state of NJ even tolerate them? and i add Gorga and the Manzoids… too!

  6. Oh that’s the reason for her and richies makeover so they can be more camera ready? Wow they really are so desperate to stay on the show. Is that why her daughter didn’t go away to school so she could be on too. They obliviously need the money oh boo hoo. I’m just channeling mehos next hit.

    • Llinda says:

      My guess is Victoria maybe couldn’t get accepted/nor could they ever afford a credited university. This child didn’t know the US Capitol from the White House! Yikes! Now there is nothing wrongvwith the trade-school she is attending, in fact, smart way to go these days in many circumstances. I just think these posers are white trash and live paycheck to paycheck like most americans-but-they obviously do not pay their bills. Rich is useless and it is shameful they would spend any money on their appearance instead of their $$ obligations. Can’t wait to see them disappear! They are disgusting in every way.

    • Buck Henry says:

      They couldn’t afford the out of state tuition, pure and simple. Also Teresa said that Kathy and Richie almost divorced, I would love to know what it was about. If I had to hazard a guess, it was over him not making enough money.

    • misszippity says:

      Unfortunately, Kathy’s makeover just isn’t working for her – that woman desperately needs someone to assist w/ her wardrobe; terrible taste in clothes, shoes, etc. She just never looks well put together but kind of sloppy. Rich may have whiter teeth (an improvement), but he is still gross!

  7. autumnleaves61 says:

    So the Wakiles would be okay with their daughter Victoria being called a “cunt” then.

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