Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s $18,000 Claim Against Signature Apparel

On June 22, 2010, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation filed a Proof of Claim against Signature Apparel Group, LLC in the amount of $18,000.

The Proof of Claim states that Signature Apparel failed to abide by it’s Marketing Agreement to the tune of $18,000. See Explosive Article and Documents at Faux Reality Entertainment 



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24 Responses to Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s $18,000 Claim Against Signature Apparel

  1. madanjones says:

    I am really loving your site and appreciate your research. The truth here is shocking. I wonder how it will all play out. This is a big story that really deserves national recognition.

    • professor3rdeye says:

      After having a masectomy two years ago on my right breast, I am waiting for my 5 year hurdle to officially be an official “cancer survivor”. I’ve had four major surgeries and meanwhile for three more years I’m taking handfuls of nasty drugs to keep my markers at a baseline. I got this far due to organizations like SBK’.
      I’m shocked to hear that these people pretend to be pillars of their New Jersey community, yet think NOTHING of SCAMMING a foundation who actually saves peoples lives! I’m sick to my stomach at the pretense of that entire disgusting Laurita’s family.

      How would they feel if people did this to the “autistic foundations”?

    • FauxReality says:

      Only Bravo makes them out to be Pillars, the NJ community wants nothing to do with them.

    • teap0t says:

      They are only pillars in their own kookoo minds. Hope everything turns out well for you!

    • professor3rdeye says:

      Thank you, teapot. So far, so good! Woo Hoo!

    • gramalot says:

      Sorry for your difficult journey, but as I blogged before, these people have sold their souls. Will keep you, Professor3rdeye in my prayers.

  2. dunnwrightpr says:

    This information really does need to be a national story. So disgusting. Business or personal bankruptcy makes NO difference when a cancer charity is involved.

    • professor3rdeye says:

      That’s right dunnwrightpr, not to mention that the Susan G. Koman Organization continues to be in upper management crisis these past two years with top execs dropping from their posts like flies, and their financials being audited. Perhaps the Laurita family ignorantly thought their non-payment would just be lost in the frey.

      The subject is close to my heart and I would do anything to help see this get national exposure…i.e., 20/20?

    • dunnwrightpr says:

      As my name suggests, I work in public relations, this story definitely has legs.

  3. Jeannie5233 says:

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – 8 out 10 women are diagnosed with breast cancer – enought said.

  4. adioslunatic says:

    Wow, I thought they just renegaded on a pledge, they made money off the shirts and didn’t pony up. Wouldn’t that be theft by deception as well?

  5. teap0t says:

    Sorry I can’t help but notice that the hand writing on the bankruptcy document is so bubbly and girly, lol. And holy cow, now I know why Jacqueline kept touting Despicable! and Disgusting! as her new vocabs this season. It is because she was self projecting onto Teresa how she feels about herself.

  6. ilive in the neighborhoodk says:

    This is totally disgusting to do this to such a good charity, who gives millions in grants for research and screenings to the undeserved and people without insurance.

  7. CleverID says:

    If I recall, there is a filing to remove the corporate shield. Not sure where I saw the paperwork, will link if I find it.

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  9. JJ says:

    Why is this sort of thing not on the news? This is just disgusting and after listening to Jac and her husband on the reunion tonite it makes me sick. They act so rightous, OMG, this is just crazy!!!!!! It needs to be reported to someone you can get it out there.

  10. omg12 says:

    But non of this comes out on rhonj reunion ?????

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