Jacqueline Laurita’s Opulent Lifestyle Funded By Creditors of Signature Apparel

Jacquelina Laurita seems to believe there is a material difference between seeking bankruptcy protection versus being forced into bankruptcy by creditors who are owed millions of dollars.

Faux Reality is the Lauritas have not sought personal protection from the bankruptcy court. The reality is that the reason the Lauritas have not sought such protection is because their alleged actions have been so heinous that the law does not afford them such protection.

A fundamental goal of federal bankruptcy laws is to give the honest, but unfortunate debtor an opportunity to “start fresh” when the burdens of debt become overwhelming. It is a right of Congress granted under Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution.  AN HONEST DEBTOR.

The law refuses to allow bankruptcy protections to extend to those found to have committed fraud, embezzlement, larceny, conversion, etc. The United States Trustee has charged the Lauritas with pilfering Signature Apparel, diverting, embezzling, converting millions of dollars to fund their lavish and opulent lifestyle.

According to the Complaint, in the years between 2007 and 2009, the Lauritas used funds as follows:

In addition to the aforementioned expenses, Chris Laurita was alleged to have diverted $2.8 million dollars for his personal use. The US Trustee has asserted his right to amend the Complaint to include additional charges once he completes the discovery process.

So perhaps Jacqueline Laurita should be more concerned about how her lifestyle was funded for the past several years and less concerned about voluntary versus involuntary bankruptcy.

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49 Responses to Jacqueline Laurita’s Opulent Lifestyle Funded By Creditors of Signature Apparel

  1. dunnwrightpr says:

    This is absolutely shocking. I cannot believe Jac has critized Teresa for years about her financial situation when she and her family have been living off “borrowed” money. And, this isn’t a couple hundred thousand dollars, $55 million?! Wow, I’m speechless. Do you think this will turn into a criminal case and the Laurita’s will serve jail time? In this economy, when families are struggling to pay their rent and feed their families, this is disgraceful and disgusting. I truly hope this information spreads like wildfire and Jac is exposed for the scum that she is – pot, meet kettle.

    Furthermore, how could the Laurita’s wait months for their health insurance to kick in so that they could treat and diagnose their autistic son via a specialist?! Certainly they could have used some of the money they spent on cars, planes and other vanity items to help their child. Shameful.

    • Midnite79 says:

      The issue you brought up involving Jax and having to wait for insurance before treating her son is on point dunnwrightpr. I thought the same exact thing- how is it they live this lavish lifestyle, yet can’t shell out a few bucks to treat their child? They seriously couldn’t just pay for immediate treatment, they had to wait for insurance? That is shameful and disgusting.

    • dunnwrightpr says:

      Thank you, Midnite79. Her actions are outrageous. As a mom, even if I didn’t have the money, whic Jac obviously did – I wouldn’t wait for insurance to kick in. This is absurd behavior.

    • in jersey we have the best autism care going,she could have called and got help right away.

    • gramalot says:

      It is unconscionable to be pilfering money for not just personal expenses, but OUTRAGEOUS expenditures that should be going to the creditors you have already defrauded. Jacqueline is truly a dumbass or quite conniving, but also Andy did not really drill this deception on the reunion show and didn’t bother to ask Chris Laurita about ANYTHING. Andy is just a puke, really. And what parent would wait 9 months before beginning treatment for autism due to insurance approval when they have pilfered and spent millions on absolutey non necessary expenditures. It may seem cruel, but I smell a rat. I am ALWAYS an advocate for children, so I hope this does not raise anyone’s anger, but I am beginning to wonder about the validity of their autism claim. Seemed to come along just as these financial allegations are surfacing to the viewers. Is this a sympathy ploy.? Time is of the essence in the treatment of autism and 9 months is a long, long time to not have a plan and diagnosis. Everyday counts .

    • thats why i said jersey has the best autism program,rates of austim are high in jersey,you call for help here and they will gladly help you. also if money was that tight for jacko, wouldn’t caroline write out check right away,while chris puts that big house up for sale. that baby is more important. you are right,too much sleezy stuff going on that family

    • lovesrealitytv says:

      I am sorry to say this as I have said it many times before but- I DO NOT believe the child is Autistic. I believe he has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Only an uneducated person would wait for supposed health care insurance to have their child diagnosed. I guess if his arm was broken she would have waited for that also???? Why didn’t they have health insurance anyway. Forgive me if this info has been provided but I just don’t understand. Whacko spends thousands on Botox, fillers, hair appointments, clothes, etc and doesn’t take her child to a doctor for lack of health insurance? I don’t buy this-no freakin way!
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    • they claimed they were waiting for insurance to approve it lol they think we are so dumb

  2. Mommahurley says:

    This is completely sickening. Small business owners do this all the time on a much smaller scale, but the arrogance of doing this when you’re incorporated and have shareholders who expect dividends on their investments but end up holding worthless stocks is so dishonest! I really hope they end up talking about this as many times next season as they brought up Teresa and Joes relatively innocent attempt to declare bankruptcy due to real business downturn and defaulting on loans which were upside down! It’s not illegal to go bankrupt and the guidices didn’t even end up doing that in the end. This is hard core embezzlement! I don’t think jac understood that her husband and the Mauritania family members were actually embezzling but they all accepted the money knowing they did nothing to earn it! It’s really disgusting! Now that jac knows she should stop trying to attack Teresa for her family’s set back. It’s like someone who robbed a bank crying foul on someone who bounced a $2.00 check, Then payed it back with interest! Jac needs to give it up with her agenda!

  3. Pamila says:

    OMG, living off money that was stolen from people that trusted you……. I am sure she will blame this on Teresa…

  4. autumnleaves61 says:

    Great blog post, Faux. So appreciate someone taking time to clarify for us what the differences are. On the first RHONJ reunion show, Andy Cohen asked Jac about Signature Apparel. She sidestepped the issue by claiming they weren’t in “personal bankruptcy” and successfully diverted the question & attention away from an honest answer.

  5. autumnleaves61 says:

    Say: Do you remember when Jac suddenly put her BMW up for sale on Twitter a year or two ago?

  6. katy says:

    Seems like Lauritas are the disgusting ones and scum WOW what huge amount of money hippocrits talking about Guidices when theirs way way worse also Giudices withdrew their bankruptcy and r paying it all back haha

    • amamax4 says:

      That explains why she’s drinking and popping pills. It’s driving her crazy! I feel bad for the kids. What will happen to them . Especially little nick.

  7. isolde says:

    I want to thank you for starting this website, and doing the work to expose the truth about the bankruptcy that the Lauritas are involved in. As we see, and I have known about, although it isn’t discussed on the show, or even the reunion, is that this company was raided of its funds (embezzlement), and then dissolved because they did not pay their creditors. As anyone can see, they hurt a lot of other businesses by not paying their debts. Jacqueline, when asked at the reunion about this bankruptcy, still turned it on Teresa, and tried to make Teresa’s bankruptcy sound more deliberate and sinister than their own corporate bankruptcy. Naturally, Andy Cohen did not pursue the questioning about all the allegations, and legal ramifications for the Lauritas, as he did with Teresa during the Season 3 reunion. As you recall, he said to Teresa, that had the Giudices not withdrawn their bankruptcy, that her and Joe could have both gone to jail. Teresa said that wasn’t true, and then Caroline went on her rant about getting stupider by the minute because of Teresa’s answers. Once again, Jacqueline tried to make a bigger deal of Teresa’s bankruptcy this year, and Andy did not continue to question after Jacqueline’s vague answer, and none of the other women interjected their snide comments as they did with Teresa last year. If Teresa was as vindictive as the other women, Teresa could have commented regarding the Laurita’s financial and legal woes, but chose not to. Teresa gets, or should get credit for not stooping as low as these other women, and jumping at the chance to reveal their issues. It will be interesting to see what comes of this case, especially once all the discovery is finished. I hope you will continue to follow, and keep readers updated. These people are very “shady”, and even with this hanging over their head, they then stole the BLK water concept, and instead of just handling marketing and PR, they somehow wound up with the product, promoting it as theirs.

    Also, as another poster commented, with the money that they are alleged to have taken out of this company, there is no reason that they should have waited eight months for insurance to approve their son, Nicholas, being seen by a specialist in diagnosing his autism. First of all, I don’t believe that it took 8 months to get approval, and secondly, as they have put it out there that they live lavishly, I would have paid out of my pocket, no matter what it took, to have my son seen by a doctor, immediately. I hate to say this, but because of all the lies and dishonesty, I am beginning to wonder if we are being told the truth about Nicholas’ condition. The timing of them coming out with this news is suspect, due to her having to worry about Bravo firing her for her breach of her contract, and all the legal issues. It appears they need to garner sympathy for themselves. I hope that my suspicions are wrong, but I don’t know any mother of young children, who has time to be on the computer, especially Twitter as much as Jacqueline is; let alone a mother with a special needs child.

    One more observation, is that when Teresa revealed the texts that she had been receiving from Jacqueline, Jac mentions having signed a multi-millionaire deal, and given their legal problems and the government going after them to recoup some assets; that really wasn’t too smart of her. I don’t think that she thought Teresa would have saved them, or revealed them. I do believe that when she released her copy of the texts, that she did not show that part of the text regarding the multi-million dollar deal. I can’t imagine her husband was too happy with her, that she made that statement, so that the trustee will check into what financial deals she is currently making. She is her own worst enemy with her harassing texts and tweets. She is being perceived (and rightfully so, in my opinion), of a drunk, and unstable, spiteful person. She is clearly obsessed with getting back at Teresa, and I fail to understand why. By her actions, you would never believe that these women ever had a friendship. Jacqueline is doing the same thing that she did with Danielle at the Season 2 reunion, and she is spewing all kinds of personal information and insults that she can to try to “expose” Teresa. Jacqueline and family have many skeletons, as well, but she cannot keep her mouth shut, and as we see, she is not innocent. She really is not a bright woman, because otherwise, she would keep her mouth shut, and live her life and focus on her children, instead of trying to inform the world of someone else’s personal problems. The words, “disgusting”, and “scum” come to mind, when you dig into their lives. Hope they can withstand the scrutiny.

    • That wasn’t the first time Wacko Jacko made comments about her making millions. On Tamara Tattles she did also. Well TamaraTattles has a post about it I should say.

    • Buck Henry says:

      The problem is that Chris married an stripper/escort who locked him in by getting pregnant and what he didn’t figure out is that she had mental and emotional problems. The reason why he’s not stopping her from doing what she’s doing is real simple, he doesn’t know how without having her spill more or take all of them with her. You see she knows alot about Chris and the Manzo’s business dealings and all they did and continue to do. They are afraid that she will spill the beans on purpose or by accident. You then could say well get her off twitter, but they are afraid of getting of this bucking bull. They do something drastic might make her blow up and out all of them.

      It’s the fear of one of their “gang” losing it and knowing to much.

  8. amamax4 says:

    Bam! In your face Jack wacko. Keep up those tweets. This is an outrage. But why am I not surprised?

  9. autumnleaves61 says:

    Which is more offensive: trying to get a license under your brother’s name /or/ raiding your company of millions of dollars and not paying millions of dollars in debt to creditors

    • …..and leaving the creditors i.e. charities, small businesses to suffer the losses. Wacko. JACKO ( I KNOW YOU ALL LOVE MY NICK NAME FOR HER DON’T YOU) can’t claim this ks a disgruntle Employee.

  10. chris and jacko will be singing if i had the wings of a angel soon

  11. I think a lot of Jacqueline’s histrionics are due to the fact that she is attempting to deflect attention from her own dire situation. Unfortunately, she is becoming unhinged and is causing more attention to come her way. People are tired of the Laurita’s/Manzo’s bullying ways and their blatent hypocrisy. There is such intense envy of these folks in regards to Teresa’s success and it has made them hateful in the extreme. Whatever happened to being happy for someone when good things happed in their lives? Whatever happened to looking at Teresa objectively and seeing that she is just trying to do her best to get her family out of the financial mess they are in? Instead, they begrudge her success. This type of behavior is never good. Karma is real and what you give out in life comes back to you. I think the Laurita’s will learn this painful lesson soon enough. I am wondering why they are not in jail. These are big time crimes. A kid smoking pot gets locked up in a heartbeat, but you steal millions and get to star in a TV show? Something is definitely wrong here.

  12. Pixie says:

    It isn’t their falut that the economy went bad and they couldn’t afford payments on the corporate Mazerati. They needed that money for Jax’s medication (aka Bailey’s).

  13. Kris9 says:

    Surprising how many people fell for Jax’s act. To me, she’s always been the snakiest and now it appears her husband is as well.

  14. tlcory says:

    You can always tell someone is untable and lying when they have to yell to make a point instead of discussing something, Jax at the reunion could not “talk” to Teresa she had to sit on the edge of her seat point and yell, if you are confident with what you are saying there is NO need for all the theatrics. IMO

  15. Dubbalicious says:

    Writing my comment before reading all the posts. I apologize if I’m repeating. As I read why the Laurita’s can’t file personal bk, it occurred to me that the source of all this animosity coming from both Jacqueline and Chris, not to mention the hatred from the Manzo’s is because the Guidice’s not only escaped their fraud charges but, have climbed their way out. Chris and Jacqueline are in a lot of trouble. Jac being mentally stunted and admittedly nasty when angry is lashing out at Teresa. The Laurita’s are disgusted they got caught and the Guidice’s didn’t.

  16. Underdoglover says:

    I also feel that Jac’s animosity towards Teresa is because Teresa is working her way out of a bad situation while Jac sits on her posterior and does nothing to help the family. Chris has stated on camera that he admires Teresa for going out and making a buck. That had to stick in Jac’s craw.

    • next week its another teresa bash. jacko screams,i hope you go to jail to joe.she better watch for she wishs for, it could backfire and she\ll be sitting in prison, not jail cell

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  18. MaRiley says:

    The only righteous path for each and every cast member of each and every RHW program is to
    break their Bravo contracts en masse and expose what “we” already realize about crooked time lines, producer friendships, dialogue strewn in such a way to put crap in people’s mouths and playing with real people’s hearts, minds and families. I know…Dream on.

    One thing that stands out to me and disturbs me greatly (among many things) is that Chris Laurita is standing back and letting his wife unravel publicly….the drunky Twitter rants that combine autism “reseach”, beauty tips, and random snarky remarks about the Guidices. I recognize Jac’s behavior as I’ve been there myself. This comes from booze, antidepressants and benzos (which Xanax is). This combo ramps up your emotions from 0 to 100 in a nanosecond. As unsympathetic as I sometimes feel about her, she now has a lifelong responsibility that her immature consciousness cannot cope with. A loving spouse would help protect her from herself. I get it; she’s a grown woman. But, I’m beginning to sort out her behavior and see substance abuse, absolute financial ruin, and I fear…a spouse who might be thinking of walking away.

    • Chelly says:

      I’ve wondered about that myself….why Chris is letting Jax literally unravel in front of everyone’s eyes instead of just taking the damn phone off of her like a parent would do to a child. I’m starting to think this may be his only way of protecting her & just might save her from jail if he can say to a Judge with proof ….”Look at her, she’s mentally unstable” “blame me for what happened – dont’ blame her – she’s too out of it to even understand what Signature was doing” “Look at her TWITTER”. Why else would he let her continue to rant & rave & make no sense half the time? Hhmmm.

  19. FairyFay says:

    Seriously, is it necessary for any of you to stoop so low and call her “Wacko Jacko?”

    Jacqueline seriously and obviously deflected Andy’s question, using it as a clear opportunity to degrade Teresa and Joe. Yes, I agree she is hiding quite a bit combined with her continually fueled hatred of Teresa, which I think is real and not just manufactured drama for the show.

  20. i don;t care what you think, at my age i can say what i want just like you can

  21. lovesrealitytv says:

    Ah Ha! Now we know why Joe Giudice told the bottling company that Chris was “Shady”. He was being kind. And I hope eveyone on this page tweets this link to Andy Cohen, Bravo TV, Bravo PR and all the rest of the Bravo people including NBC. This must be brought up @ part 3 of the reunion in full! And as a businesswoman who owns a sucessful company (I showed my controler this post) how the hell do they keep getting more credit? They must have a horrible D&B rating and they must have many many many companies under the Laurita scandal umbrella. We all need to get this info to Andy Cohen asap. Admininstratot-have you tweeted all of the Bravo companies a link to this info? I find it hard to believe that this wasn’t known about before now. Kudos to the creator of this blog! Send this to Peres Hilton also. This MUST come out on part 3!!! Mazel of the year to Administrator-you should work for the FBI and the IRS. So proud of you!

  22. lovesrealitytv says:

    Mamma-what name were they incorporated under and I thought it was a privately held company. Please fill us in.

  23. lovesrealitytv says:

    I am making this comment just from the facts we have learned so far from all media sources. Who knows for sure if Nicholas does indeed have Autism? Jac has not been on any show accompanied by a doctor discussing Autism. This could be Chris and Jac’s biggest scam yet to gain sympathy for their son’s alleged Autism right before the shit has hit the fan. Notice how she kept Nicholas hidden on the swings with her in Teresa’s yard and she was not miced? Something in rotten in Denmark-oops-I mean Franklin lakes.

    • notice andy just brushes everything off unless it has something to do with teresa or joe.then he’s a snapping turtle. he hates them wih a passion and will do anything to make them look bad. sorry andy,i feel like i know them longer

    • Buck Henry says:

      And that is the problem with Andy and Bravo and the producers or ex producers of the show. The producers got the hint that Andy hated Teresa and in turn Kat the head producer knew to make her the bad guy. What Andy didn’t know that Kat would have such a close relationship with Melissa (sexual big time). Bravo is to blame because they haven’t reigned in Andy at all and must know that he’s biased. The problem with a vendetta from someone like Andy is that things like Kat happen. You poison the well and in turn make everybody sick who weren’t including yourself. If Andy was even half an asshole when he went after Teresa to Jax she would have looked like an idiot.

      Andy has taken the gay agenda to such a point that he’s blind to the people who are truly hateful to gays but are hiding it and sucking up to the ones that don’t care about gays and are just ignorant.

    • i will watch andy after the show tonite, because most likely, housewives will be on as guest, but will never watch andy again after that. i just can’t take the way,teresa was treated for two yrs. it used to be a fun program to watch.andy let this show go to his head,since it was such a big hit,with teresa flipping the table.i like the light side,where they joked about teresa’s boobies,super t on halloween,with her kids, going to turkey farm,ending up with big frozen turkey

    • Buck Henry says:

      I’ll say this again and again, I don’t think he has Autism. I think it’s FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) pure and simple. For one to wait 8 months for insurance, BS. You mean to tell me that they couldn’t have borrowed a few hundred or more to have him checked, and oh yea what insurance do they have. I think that they where told when he was born or maybe when he turned one that he had FAS and will also be autistic (they are very close). And so they kept that secret in the family until they couldn’t anymore and then instead of adding the FAS part they just say Autistic. Because if they also said it was FAS people would see that all of Jax drinking was the cause and she would be shamed.

    • jubbie says:

      No it doesn’t take that long to get your insurance going…however they probably wanted to make sure this was covered so that it was not considered a pre exsisting condition….

  24. lovesrealitytv says:

    Buck-I totally agree with you about the alleged Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. There are many intelligent people on this and many other blogs and I am sure that this will be revealed. As soon as I read about the alleged Autism I did a lot of research on the two syndromes and their similarities. Administrator-what are your thoughts on this?

  25. jenny says:

    I feel sorry for Chris. He really does seem like a good guy. He never bashes anyone, he tries to reign his wife in. I wonder if some of those payments to his family members were loans–they asked and he couldn’t turn them down. He seemed to be really relying on the blk water to help turn things around. I really think he was hoping to use that to pay back his creditors.

    I’m totally Team Tre, and think Jax is nutso, but I always thought Chris was just a good guy with a wacko wife.

    • gramalot says:

      Am also totally team Tre, but the fraud with his Signature company could not have been perpetrated without his knowledge. Who else would be responsible for having the remaining assets of a drowning company transferred to HIS personal accounts? Jac is not mentally equipped for this even when she isn’t drunk and pill popped out.Don’t see any evidence of any plan to repay anyone. They are going to be indicted for fraud. They do not have the option for personal bankruptsey BECAUSE they defrauded the business bankruptsey when the company assets were deposited to their own personal accounts. As far as BLK is concerned, they stole that idea and got away with it after being sued by a Canadian company who first promoted it at a trade show attended by the Manzo/Lauritas. These people are NOT on the up and up about anything.

  26. omg12 says:

    Jac said Teresa is disgusting and is scum. For setting up her SIL ( which is not true) then what is jac on what she did to this creditors. Shame on jac

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