RHONJ: Kathy Wakile’s Forty Year Grudge

Kathy Wakile has been on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for two seasons. As we all know, Kathy is Teresa Giudice’s cousin (Kathy’s mother and Teresa’s father are sister and brother).

Faux Reality says Kathy Wakile is a sweet bystander who is often caught in the cross fire between Teresa and her sister in law, Melissa Marco Gorga. But reality shows a different person. . . Kathy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. . . Full Article at Faux Reality Entertainment

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25 Responses to RHONJ: Kathy Wakile’s Forty Year Grudge

  1. Maggs says:

    great blog! Very spot on about Kathy, she seems VERY passive aggressive.

  2. CB says:

    Excellent.. i love how you really dissect their intentions… i remember at one of the parties.. kathy went crazy and you could hear her screaming and her husband calming her down.. i believe she was stating how she wanted to “burn her house down”… at that point.. hearing that rage i never forgot how shocked i was and i never trusted this low life wannabe.. i mean really.. look at the monkey she married… he’s is soooooooooooo grossssss.. and a thug…

    • fauxreality says:

      I had forgotten that, I believe it was at the Gorga Christmas party!

    • misszippity says:

      Oh, yeah….she kept going back and saying “Really, Teresa……” and wouldn’t just let Teresa say “OK” and walk away — Kathy got the message alrighty…. she just wasn’t accepting it. She saw an opportunity to “bring on the drama” and did.
      She truly knows how to push Teresa’s buttons and kept at it until she got the response she was wanting – and her reaction after that, w/ the foul language and the loud, angry accusations and less than truthful description to Melissa about what happened, was a clear indication this is not a woman who any real respect for anyone. She is a passive aggressive thug who always says: “didn’t mean any harm – just trying to help; you know how I am”…..yeah, Kathy, we DO know how you are, and it isn’t nice!
      AND just found this site – enjoying it!

  3. I feel more and more sorry everyday for Teresa. What an embarassment of a family. If Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Lauritas want to destroy Teresa all they have to do is rub it in who her relatives are. Sad. Tsk, tsk

  4. Bigg hayah long nailsss! says:

    Excellent addition to the blogosphere … Thank you

  5. Jersey Chicklet says:

    I love this blog.

    Ur dead on with everything! U give such clarity and common sense to the contrived bravo chaos.

    Thx for taking the time to do this blog!

  6. tnnv says:

    You’ve got it. I knew from the beginning she was a snake but I think your take is spot on and makes sense.

  7. Piper says:

    Wow! Very insightful. I think you are dead on about Kathy thinking Tre owes HER because her father helped Mr. Gorga come to the US. Very old school Italian way of thinking though. Hmmm…maybe KomaKathy really IS old school! LOL

  8. Maureen says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE with each/every post! This is a FAB site! I LOVE it! Thanks for the REAL truth on what’s REALLY true or false! Koma Kathy SUCKS and I hope/pray that her debut on QVC BOMBS!!! She needs to go back to Italy and crawl back under her rock and STAY THERE!!! If I were Tre, I would of BROKEN HER JAW after INSULTING both her parents…how RUDE!!!

  9. GPM says:

    Excellent website with very astute and insightful observations I haven’t seen elsewhere. Well done! I look forward to reading more, particularly some of the stories in the pipeline.

  10. Underdoglover says:

    Slightly ot here but where was little Joe when Kathy cursed out his parents, calling them liars and cowards (with an expletive in front of each accusation)? Was he fine with what Kathy had to say about his parents? It makes no sense. Poor Teresa. She really needs a new family.

    • misszippity says:

      Does anyone know anything about Kathy and Rosie’s father that would suggest he was less than a great father? Or, is it that he died very young from cancer and just wasn’t able to be there so Teresa’s father stepped in to help? I wondered if that wasn’t possibly what Teresa meant, but she truly does need to learn how to express herself more succinctly.

    • gramalot says:

      Right on Misszippity. Kathy had said her father was seriously ill for 7 years before succumbing to cancer. Being old school Italian, Teresa;s dad would have felt it his duty to help out with his sister’s children. Do feel that is what Tre meant, but in her anger and frustration, she is not articulate and that statement was like a big open train tunnel that both CRAZY Rosie and sneaka-s Kathy jumped on to disparage Teresa. Calling their aunt, even by marriage ) a fking liar on national T.V. was all it took for me to put the final stamp on Kathy I also have always thought Bucky Beaver Wakile is, and has been for some time attracted to Teresa. The way he has always talked smack about her reminds me of little boys who pull the ponytails of little girls because they know of no other way to have contact with them. Does anyone remember in early season 3 that Teresa said something to this effect to Jacqueline about Richie being obsessed with her. At the time, I thought she was being sort of conceited., but now it makes sense He was verbally slamming her without provocation and “burning her at the stake” wa=a=y back before a lot of this Teresa bashing went into high gear with everyone else I remember Teresa making a gag face at the very thought of Being with Bucky. So maybe that’s another reason for Katfish’s hateful attitude toward Tre. Seems plausible.

  11. lobstahsmaht says:

    What’s funny is that on her bravo blog she implies Teresa started talking about the parents first.
    “I felt bad for the things I said, because I allowed Teresa to drag me into a dark place after Teresa brought her mother and father into our conversation. “

    • FairyFay says:

      Lobstah! I so agree — and Kathy is the one who is completely responsible for starting that entire trainwreck of a segment. No, she did not “allow Teresa” to “drag” her into “a dark place,” she opened the portal to the dark place and beckoned for Teresa to plow them both through.

      Off track but I love your name — are you from New England? Such a heavenly part of the US and thankfully for me, I am so within driving distance, so I can enjoy it any time I want without having to deal with an airport! (If you’re not from New England, I apologize for the assumption.)

  12. Kelly says:

    Wow I love your blogs. You hit the nail on the head. I have read about 6 so far and going to read them all. Love love love your blogs.

  13. lovesrealitytv says:

    Administrator-whoever you are, and you are no housewife in a sod house on the prairie-I am so happy for Teresa that you have written this blog and have brought the facts into the light of day.

  14. Maggs says:

    did a little title check on Rich and Katherina Wakile, they own quite a few properties in New Jersey.

  15. karrylyn says:


    I think Kathy and Tre’s “problems” began sooooooooo long ago, and everyone needs to remember, we are dealing with First Generation Immigrants, from Italy whose mindset is NOTHING like those of us who’ve lived in the USA for generations!
    Tre did point out to Kathy that: :My dad was there for you, much more than your dad was there for you!!!!!” (slightly paraphrased, but the thought is the same)
    Just curious: Kathy and Tre do look a lot alike, but yet, Kathy is not the prettiest one. I can only imagine, how that fact went back and forth for years, from their parents, to their moms cooking together, both trying to make their kids look better than each others etc.
    Tre’s father, in older seasons is still “so Italian Villager” and Kathy and her mom are not, and in first generation families, the one that brings you over to the USA is supposed to be honored. I’ve experienced that crap in my own life on one side of the family. So, I think Tre and her parents just don’t give a crap about HOW they got here. why? Well…Tre’s dad still wont let a woman near the tomato sauce if she in having her period, and Joey Gorga’s constant “I’ve got to let out the poison” when he wants sex. That is not a joke, that is a real mindset and although he jokes about it, and might know its not quite true, from knowing Americans after he immigrated, his mindset as well as Tre’s in still very very first generation that didnt feel the need, or were unable to assimilate into their new country. Common among people from small towns and villages, they just don’t have that open mind, to see the new world and its different point of view.
    Now, having said that, I happen to LOVE people from that part of the world, I lived there as a young wife and mother and didnt live there in an American Community, but lived and shopped and washed socks, and undies in the bidet!!! hahahahaha iN OTHER WORDS, I LIVED THEIR WAY, AND ALLOWED THEM TO TEACH ME THE LANGUAGE AND THE WAYS OF LIFE AND THE WAYS THEY SAW THE WORLD, AND OTHER PEOPLE.

    They are full of life, and love to have a good time, but they are all want to be top banana and will go to any lengths to achieve that status in the family. When I see Tre and her brother argue its so commonplace, that I just know its them trying to be the Family that is respected as leader and the most successful, therefore the rest of the family and people who are around them, treat them as the leader and with respect. So, notice what Kathy said about being Old School and we believe in respect. She too, is fighting for that position. It is so typical of that area of our world, to be like them, and fighting back and calling names etc is part of the deal. Also, when Tre said Caroline was a Olive Garden Italian, she was putting her down, but in her way of thinking, she was saying, “she isnt like us, she has taken up the ways of the Americans, so dont fall for her bossy ways, her cooking her anything Italian, she is not a real Italian anymore” and Tre KNEW that was NO JOKE. She was saying “dont be fooled by this woman, she doesnt even speak ITALIAN!!” Notice: in Napa Caroline even said “she is of a first generation mindset and we are not”. Caroline knew exactly what she meant, and I would bet that she is a little embarrassed by that. She after all does speak so much about being Italian and being called out on it, had to really tick her off. Caroline cannot have it both ways, she cant be the respected American and also play the game of I’m the top dog in this pack of NJ Italian Housewives!!! Just because she and her husband run/own the Brownstone, doesnt give her credit with the first generation, like Tre and Juicy. Another point, Juicy is so not how we like our men to be, but he is so much like any small town/village guy from Italy. Their marriage is typical. I’ve lived with these kind of people, and I dont judge them, I enjoy the good points that we in America dont have!!! They do love life and family and yet, they fight for top dog and dont care WHO they hurt in the battle to the top, in fact, no matter what the causalities, the rest of the family that “lost the war of becoming top dog” will actually RESPECT the person that won, in the end. They lick their wounds, but they stop when the war has been won. Or, they go away and refuse to bow down to the victor. Kathy and Tre”s parents fought for the dominant position, and now Tre and her generation are doing the same.
    I see Tre’s kids doing the same thing!!!! they loved their Uncle Joey, but now, they mock his wife. they have joined in their parents battle for dominance. Even Joey and Gia’s relationship is less important to them, and I think that is why the Gorga’s are moving. Their tale is in between their legs as they slink away, and they dont want their kids to be under Juicy and Tre’s kids….and they are in debt as well. That is why Tre’s money making cookbooks and her selling stories, bothers them all so much!!! Remember, Juicy said “who cares if she sells stories and makes money on them? Well….that is the first generation mindset, you do what you must,…to make it, and they do not understand why the rest dont get that!!!! Oh sure, they act like they know why, and they try to pretend they are thinking like the USA and not like Old School villagers from Italy, but its so obvious, that they never really became Americanized. Not that I think that is always a good thing, considering whats going on today in USA. Anyway, I am not judging, just going over what my experience has been in their part of the world and what I learned and what I see on the RHONJ when the women start their crap, blaming one another, not being happy for each others success, and then allowing their children to no longer have faith in the love of an uncle, because its better they have a bigger army to help them fight the battles to the top because after all, Tre and Juicy are raising their kids the way they think, which is I WILL BE THE LEADER AT ANY AND ALL COST. I WILL SLAM ANY AND ALL OF YOU AND MAKE YOU LOOK BAD, SO THAT I LOOK GOOD AND I WILL STRIKE FEAR IN YOUR HEARTS SO THAT YOU WILL GO BELLY UP AND LET THIS WAR END, WITH ME AS THE VICTOR AND WITH MY FOUR DAUGHTERS AS THE VICTORS OF THE NEXT GENERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , .
    but as for how Tre is holding up? I don’t know, and I think the others have fallen for some alleged BS that Melissa has put out there.
    I still have one question: A while back, Tre mentioned that she was unhappy with her brother getting engaged to Melissa…and said something about how he’d been engaged so many times…..and then there was no answer! What does she care if her brother had a lot of girlfriends, and was engaged to them? Something is missing in that story. I saw someone writing about how Joey Gorga was accused of rape years ago. Does anyone know about that? he is a real hornball, and he so wants to be the center of attention, and takes credit for his wifes singing “success”. I do believe, that if Bravo would let him, he’d want to have a show called “joey gorga doing stupid things in a catsuit while he shows off his penis to the world” but I dont think that’ll happen. he seems like an exhibitionist and although he likes to laugh, when he gets talking about his poison and his sex life with Melissa, I almost feel like I might vomit just a little bit on my mouth. If they are on next season, and Melissa has a stage appearance “singing” I do believe somehow, Joey Gorga will somehow, wander on the stage in some tight outift and be her backup dancer. [[[[[[[ shudder shudder ]]]]]]]
    Well I hope this post fits in with your people, I’ts the first time I’ve seen this site and I enjoyed the blogs. I hope no one is offended, but if you are, what the heck can I do? nothing!!! Watching Tre and her family is like watching an old family from long ago. Its my experience and my opinion and thats all it is.
    Whatever is the real truth….the show is a real guilty pleasure and entertaining. right? right!!!!

    • CB says:

      You did a great post and my grandparents were from italy.. so I definitely see your points.. PRIDE is a big thing… but I also want to add Joe Gorga has also disgraced an “old school italian family” since i believe no many times someone fights to be the big dog… what he intentionally set out to do was HURT THE FAMILY which is has done on a national forum. This won’t be forgiven! I think Joe Gorga is such a liability… i can’t imagine they would promote him since he is such an exhibitionist… vulgar man. I know that their 15 minutes of fame is almost up… I wonder if Melissa is pulling all this in the hopes of gaining popularity like Kim Kardashian did due to her sex tapes.. i wouldn’t be surprised if they surface that as well… THEY WILL DO ANYTHING FOR ATTENTION… its a disgrace and yes i do think Melissa is somewhat of an evil doer. But hollywood doesn’t WANT HER… she’s a wannabe.. who created some really bad KARMA.. and when she finds someone to enhance her life better than her pervert hubby.. she’ll dump him.. since she’ll eventually want to clean her image and won’t be able to WITH HER CURRENT HUSBAND… This woman is RUTHLESS.. and loves loves loves to see Teresa hurting over her brother. I personally think Teresa is beyond worried about Jogo is doing in the public eye.. even the talk of the rape charges.. This affects how we view this man.. KNOWING he was or could have been charged….. No wonder Teresa was so upset that they were coming on… She also knew Mego had a past and didn’t really want it becoming public knowledge.. and i really believe that…. She also knew what she was capable of.. and Kathy for that matter. So when they came out attacking Teresa and HAVEN’T STOPPED… doing anything to become that “top banana that you speak of” what happened.. which they really can’t comprehend.. NO ONE LIKES BULLIES.. so the whole cast members.. excluding Teresa… are now seen in this light.. I don’t think any of them will be successful in their private endeavors.. How can Caroline sell a book or do a radio show about family when we witness her horrendous CRUELTY AND BULLYING? Remember the scene with her mafioso family and no one called? She used to be popular but now is a BITTER, SPITEFUL, VENGEFUL Professional VICTIM. Jacko.. well what can we say about her.. but i think BOTH HER AND THE LAURITAS SHOULD TURN AROUND AND GET READY TO BE CUFFED.. she’s sending thoughts about Juicy getting arrested???? Is this chick kidding me??? I think she’s also playing and the strategy of the family is to make her appear NUTS so if jail time is given.. she’ll be off as mentally unstable. I kid you not.. their bankruptcy of $55 MILLION includes larceny, embezzlement charges.. this is CRIMINAL!!! These people.. are going DOWN IN FLAMES AND I DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR ANY OF THEM.. accept the YOUNG CHILDREN… Look at the life they created for the almight dollar and a little bit of FAME… sad.. very sad!!

  16. Whit says:

    I disagree that the Olive Garden comment was malicious. In context, I truly believe it was a joke and Caroline was using it as an excuse for the bad feelings she felt about Teresa. The joke was originally made up by producers on the Rachel Ray Show, not Teresa. And Caroline initially laughed about it; she was not offended. When the book was printed, Teresa kept referring to a picture with Caroline inside, one that has a caption describing Caroline as an “Italian mom.” Not a fake Italian, or a less-than Italian. It was made in jest and I don’t think Teresa meant any harm by it.

  17. Mary Harko says:

    Again I love this blog. Please share with Bravo Andy…….love this I to have read everyone of them I’m addicted. Whoever does the writing is so muc better than the other yahoo crap i’m so turned off by. (no offense but i meant it) Anyway love this. I have never watched a reality show until this one and it was an accident I saw it on a Saturday afternoon holding my baby while she was napping and I saw someone in a fur coat pulling out someones hair I unmuted and was hooked. That was last year and I watched back to back reruns and couldn’t wait for this season. I fell in love with Teresa was so dissapointed that everyone even pubic has turned there back on her. You really can tell she is shocked at what everone says. I feel sorry for Chris Jaq has turned out to be a FREAK melissa (doesnt deserve capitol m) is a sleazy wanna be. I can’t believe she is portrayed as the new darling PULEASE…… LOVE THIS BLOG whoever is writing is hysterical

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