RHOBH: Dinner Parties By Bravo Lisa Rinna vs Kim Richards

What a great adventure: The ladies of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills traveled to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Yolanda Foster’s homeland. But majestic scenery and exotic locations are never enough for Bravo. . .

While touring the incredible countryside, the tension between Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards continues to build. An explosion is inevitable because Dinner Parties by Bravo always brings the matter to a head. There is no doubt Bravo would have aired the “Christians being fed to the Lions at the Coliseum” if it had been given the opportunity.  So away we go. . .

Since the start of the Season, Brandi Glanville has been portrayed as the evil backstabbing trouble maker to the point that she has become a one dimensional cartoon character. Even Brandi’s critics see the absurdity of the editing.

The viewers have been steered to the Amsterdam trip thinking that Brandi will be the catalyst for the verbal and physical assault. Think again!

The following is a detailed frame by frame depiction of the altercation:

Kim Richards brings up Lisa Rinna’s husband. As Eileen looks on, Lisa immediately reacts to her husband being dragged into the discussion.



Kim is amused by Lisa’s outrage and continues to jab her by mentioning Lisa’s husband.



Lisa is further outraged by Kim’s nonchalant and repeated jabs regarding Lisa’s husband.



As Lisa becomes more agitated, Kyle Richards gets up from the table and attempts to calm Lisa down.



Kim continues to antagonize Lisa. Kyle bursts into tears, begging Kim to stop. Lisa lunges towards the table and Brandi grabs Lisa’s hand.



Lisa grabs a glass and throws water at Kim.




Kim was unphased. She got up and continued to taunt Lisa while Brandi was forced to restrain Kim.



Yolanda grabbed Lisa to talk distract her from Kim’s taunts.





As the argument escalated, Kyle was so overcome that she fled the scene.



Once again Kim Richards destroys a social gathering with her aggression. Once again Kyle Richards leaves a party in tears because of her sister’s unpredictable and unstable behavior.

The remaining cast members are left wondering what they could have done to prevent it. The Answer is simple – Leave Kim Richards home.

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Joanna Krupa Demands Brandi Glanville Tell The Truth

Krupa Glanville Head Shot BlogBrandi Glanville stepped in it AGAIN – her mouth can’t seem to get out of it’s own way lately!

Glanville of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has become notorious for her unpredictable tourretts-like insults about her cast mates, other stars, families, their pets, etc.  But it looks like, this time, Glanville picked the wrong Super Model to trash.

On January 6, 2015, Joanna Krupa retained high powered lawyer Raymond J. Rafool to send Glanville a missive that is loud and clear: “we intend to sue you for lying.”

The missive makes it clear that Glanville’s repeated actions in spreading unsavory statements about Joanna Krupa will come to a stop or additional causes of action will be utilized in addition to those existing thus far. The following letter was served on Glanville:

KrupaGlanvilleWM1 blog

Both Lisa Vanderpump and Mohamed Hadid have denied Glanville’s assertions and backed Joanna Krupa.  In fact, Hadid took to twitter when Glanville first made the statement on November 11, 2013 to denounce Glanville and make it clear that Glanville was lying:


So is Brandi Glanville prepared to say Mohamed Hadid is lying? It appears Glanville will have to prove that Vanderpump and Hadid are lying in addition to showing that what she said (and continues to say) about Joanna is true.

Brandi Krupa Blog Head Shot 2Glanville has repeatedly stated that she cannot control what she says, especially when she is angered.  She has also made false statements about Lisa Vanderpump (that she filed for bankruptcy and was responsible for getting Cedric deported, etc.)

This would be a good time for Glanville to reform her ways since Joanna Krupa has just called her bluff and it’s a very legal, very powerful CHECK MATE.

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Joey Gorga Loves Picking Up Trash

Before the influence of Jersey Shore and the Lights of Bravo, Joey Gorga was a family oriented, loving son and brother.  He was devoted to his parents and adored his only sister.

Joey wasn’t stripping, he wasn’t ridiculing his sister or flat out lying about his parent’s financial condition, he wouldn’t have stood for anyone calling his father a coward or his mother a fucking liar, he wouldn’t have turned his back on Gia and he would have cut off his arm before hurting his family. . . See at Faux Reality Entertainment

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“Pay Your Bills” : Gorgas Are Under Water & Sinking Rapidly

When Joe Giudice told Joey Gorga to “Pay Your Bills” we wondered why would he make such a statement. . .

Faux Reality said that Joey Gorga was a successful contractor who lavished his wife with a recording studio, a bentley and lavish gifts.  Melissa Gorga repeatedly stated that they are not financially strapped, nor was that the reason they are selling their love shack. So why would Joe Giudice make such a statement?

Reality proves that Joe Giudice was spot on with his knowledge of the Gorgas’ desperate financial condition. Joey Gorga better stop borrowing from loan sharks . . . Check out the article at Faux Reality Entertainment 

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Missy proclaimed “At Least We Pay Our Bills” [except for a pesky foreclosure. and the sub contractors. and the service providers]

Who can ever forget Melissa Gorga’s swipe at her in laws when she proclaimed, “At Least We Pay Our Bills.” She explained that her husband is “very successful” in his business, converting warehouses to condos and building custom homes, “he is a brilliant businessman”.

Well, it appears that Missy “forgot” a few pesky details. Even if Missy discards the numerous lawsuits by subcontractors and service providers, Missy and her very successful brilliant businessman were sued in foreclosure. See article at Faux Reality Entertainment.



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A Love Story Jersey Shore Style: Missy loves Tarzan

Please let me find a schmoo  I can manipulate!

This is a love story . . . a girl’s love for money and fame. . . no matter the personal cost to herself or those who get in her way.

It is not for the faint of heart. A Jersey Shore love story . . .

A long long time ago, before Snooki, before the Situation, and before Ronnie, there was a very ambitious teenager that lived at the Jersey Shore.

She was a scrappy little thing, Continued on Faux Reality Entertainment

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Breaking NEWS: Jacqueline Laurita’s damning Direct Messages re: Posche Fashion Show

Jacqueline Laurita’s obsessive twitter behavior may have landed her in a world of trouble. The night before Part Three of the RHONJ reunion, Jacqueline sent direct messages regarding the debacle at the Posche Fashion Show (PFS) which took place on September 29, 2011. The Direct Messages will be posted shortly.

During a tabloid interview, Melissa Gorga stated:

In numerous settings, Jacqueline confirmed that she was told that someone was going to be targeted . . . To Be continued on Faux Reality Entertainment


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In the Pipe Line: Sex, Lies, Hearsay and Recordings

Jacqueline Laurita has been screaming and stamping her feet for weeks that she wants to release a recording “proving” that Teresa Giudice set up her sister in law at the Posche Fashion Show. Jacqueline gratuitously volunteers that unfortunately, she cannot release the recording because . . .  To be continued on Faux Reality Entertainment

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In the Pipe Line: Laurita Family Failed Attempt to Use “Diminished Capacity” to Defend Jacqueline’s Exposure

In the wake of mounting allegations against the Laurita family and the manner in which the  Laurita Family raided the corporate assets of Signature Apparel to the tune of $55 million, it appears that the Laurita Family are attempting to limit Jacqueline’s liability by showing “diminished capacity”

to be continued on Faux Reality Entertainment

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Melissa Gorga Strikes Out as Recording Artist

Melissa Marco Gorga wants to be a recording artist. And she will do anything to get there.

Was Juicy so far off on the Raccoon eyes?

Gorga has released four songs on iTunes to date. What has she made and how many has she sold? To be continued on Faux Reality Entertainment

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Wakile Calls Giudice Fans “Bunch of Crazies”

The sweet, old school, respectful 5th wheel of the RHONJ is showing the wolf in sheep’s clothing – fangs, claws and all.  Faux reality gave way to Wakile’s bitter angry Goddess.

“I’m a Goddess, Mama Gorga is an effen Liar, Juicy is a Cheater, Giudice fans are crazies” says Saint Katfish

From the inception of the Reunion, Kathy Wakile was combative, hostile and vicious. Host Andy Cohen reprimanded Wakile when she continued her tirade against Teresa Giudice’s mother. Wakile spent the Reunion screaming insults at Teresa Giudice over the other ladies like a fishmonger. See Complete Article at Faux Reality Entertainment

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Manzo’s take Punta Cana by Storm: Legal Documents Reveal

In February, 2011, RHONJ travelled to Punta Cana for some fun in the sun that was to be shown in Season 3.  But on February 23, 2011, their fun was abruptly interrupted by the champagne spray heard round the world.

The RHONJ were partying and filming at the Moon Bar located at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana, Domenican Republic.

The Moon Bar is where the alleged confrontation took place.

At approximately 1:15 am, when Teresa Giudice opened a bottle of champagne,  the spray allegedly landed on Yolanda Martinez causing her “eye irritation and discomfort.” When Ms. Martinez’ son in law, Adolfo Arreola and his cousin Jason Gomez confronted the cast, the resulting confrontation became the basis for the following lawsuit . . . Read full article at Faux Reality Entertainment

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Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s $18,000 Claim Against Signature Apparel

On June 22, 2010, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation filed a Proof of Claim against Signature Apparel Group, LLC in the amount of $18,000.

The Proof of Claim states that Signature Apparel failed to abide by it’s Marketing Agreement to the tune of $18,000. See Explosive Article and Documents at Faux Reality Entertainment 



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When Did Real Housewives of NJ become The Truman Show

Years before Big Brother or Real Housewives, a 1998 movie entitled The Truman Show introduced us to the bizarre world of voyeurism and reality TV.  In this movie, Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) lives his life unaware that he is on a giant studio set surrounded by actors posing as family, friends and townspeople.   Truman’s entire life is televised as he interacts with actors and is unwittingly supervised by an executive producer and crew.  Truman’s decisions, emotions and reactions are pure and untainted since he is unaware that he is being filmed.

As Truman begins to realize that all is not what it seems, the executive producer (Ed Harris) steps up his interference with Truman’s faux reality in order to maintain the farce and continue the ratings bonanza. The executive producer feeds lines to an actress posing as Truman’s girlfriend to keep Truman locked into his artificial world.  She delivers her scripted lines flawlessly:

The last thing I would ever do is lie to you. . . It’s all true. It’s all real. . . Nothing is fake.  Nothing  you see on this show is fake.

Doesn’t it seem like the women of RHONJ are using the same lines? Did Bravo hire Ed Harris to script Seasons 3 and 4?

As we watch RHONJ, we often cringe but cannot look away. Faux Reality promised us a sneak peek into the triumphs and struggles of real families and their friends. The reality is that these characters seem to have transformed their lives to perform for maximum ratings. They have now resorted to using tabloids, publicity and twitter to bolster and create faux reality. Some are better than others at working the spin.

Jacqueline Laurita recently revealed that  for the past 2 seasons  she has refused to share the two life struggles that have consumed her: her son’s autism and her legal financial issues.  Why would Bravo promise a sneak peak into reality and fail so miserably at delivering? When exactly did the purpose of the show shift from a sneak peak into the triumphs and struggles to a sneak peak into what they chose to share?

Why does Jacqueline get to hide her real life struggles while exaggerating those of Teresa Giudice? Realty TV? Not so much.

According to Bravo, Melissa Marco Gorga was initially cast as the witty, fun loving, stay at home mom who declared that she “lives the life that every girl dreams of.” It is unclear which girls Melissa polled before making such a statement, we have yet to meet girls that want to be the perpetual “VICTIM.” In fact, Melissa Marco Gorga’s whole life has been a study in contradictions. 

Let’s recast The Truman Show and follow the life of Melissa Marco Gorga. Melissa was born on March 21, 1979 to Donna and Carmine J. Marco.  In 1993, when Melissa was 15 years old, Melissa’s parents divorced after years of  [verifying information].  Melissa’s father died in 1996 when [verifying information].

Melissa was arrested for shoplifting in 1997, posted bond to the tune of $1,000 and immediately moved from Florida to New Jersey.

While Faux Reality wants to portray Melissa as a sedate second grade teacher turned happy suburban housewife, realty shows a Girl’s Gone Wild lifestyle of lesbian lovers, wild sex parties, sugar daddies paying for augmentations, and a string of lies that are easily proven.

At some point, Melissa Gorga commenced Jersey City University.  It is unclear where she lived or how she supported herself. The stories are inconsistent at best. [under investigation]  According to Melissa, she worked three jobs to support herself while going to college.

One of those jobs was at Looker’s Gentlemen’s Club. (Inside Looker’s as exposed by StoopidHousewives)  According to Melissa she was serving drinks to men for $100 tips. Unfortunately, Melissa contradicts the time frame; During the Finale, Melissa states that she worked at Looker’s for a week or so.  According to pay stubs, she worked from January 2003 to December, 2003.  Why the deception?

In or about October, 2003, Melissa met Giuseppe “Joey” Gorga. Melissa moved into Joey’s home by December, 2003.  Melissa graduated from Jersey City University in January, 2004.

During the Finale, Melissa told the world that she was a teacher, she taught “second grade!” Melissa must have forgotten that when FOXNY.COM posed the question to her on August 18, 2011 (less than two months before the Posche Fashion Show), Melissa responded that she never became a teacher because by the time that she graduated, she was already engaged. (See FoxNY Interview, Minute Marker 3:48, last video on stoopidhousewives story)

In an Interview dated August 18, 2011, Melissa admits that she never worked as a teacher. She claims that by the time she graduated, she was already engaged. In faux reality, engaged people don’t work.

Melissa Marco married Joey Gorga in August, 2004 and thus the dissent down the rabbit hole began to fool people into believing the fairytale that “she lives a life that every girl dreams of.”

Perhaps it’s time for someone to tell Melissa that The Truman Show is over and the story that has been written for her by producers of Bravo is just that, A STORY.

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Jacqueline Laurita’s Opulent Lifestyle Funded By Creditors of Signature Apparel

Jacquelina Laurita seems to believe there is a material difference between seeking bankruptcy protection versus being forced into bankruptcy by creditors who are owed millions of dollars.

Faux Reality is the Lauritas have not sought personal protection from the bankruptcy court. The reality is that the reason the Lauritas have not sought such protection is because their alleged actions have been so heinous that the law does not afford them such protection.

A fundamental goal of federal bankruptcy laws is to give the honest, but unfortunate debtor an opportunity to “start fresh” when the burdens of debt become overwhelming. It is a right of Congress granted under Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution.  AN HONEST DEBTOR.

The law refuses to allow bankruptcy protections to extend to those found to have committed fraud, embezzlement, larceny, conversion, etc. The United States Trustee has charged the Lauritas with pilfering Signature Apparel, diverting, embezzling, converting millions of dollars to fund their lavish and opulent lifestyle.

According to the Complaint, in the years between 2007 and 2009, the Lauritas used funds as follows:

In addition to the aforementioned expenses, Chris Laurita was alleged to have diverted $2.8 million dollars for his personal use. The US Trustee has asserted his right to amend the Complaint to include additional charges once he completes the discovery process.

So perhaps Jacqueline Laurita should be more concerned about how her lifestyle was funded for the past several years and less concerned about voluntary versus involuntary bankruptcy.

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RHONJ: Jacqueline Laurita’s Personal Exposure and Signature Apparel’s Creditors list $55 Million in Claims

The Laurita Bankruptcy has been a source of speculation since it’s inception.  Faux Reality has not addressed the Laurita financial or legal issues on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  In reality, the Lauritas are in the middle of an incredibly ugly and combative struggle for survival.   Creditor’s of Signature Apparel (Laurita’s company) allege they are owed in excess of $55,000,000, it is further alleged that the Lauritas drained Signature Apparel of it’s assets and fraudulently diverted the funds for their personal use.

Claims Register of Signature Apparel Group, LLC

The only meaningful articles concerning Laurita’s plight have been found on StoopidHousewives who reported the filing against the Lauritas, the admissions of fraud (by letter dated July 7, 2012, Chris Laurita admitted that he was not candid with the Court regarding the termination date of the $2.8 million dollar agreement with ROC Fashion) and the continued battle.

Jacqueline Laurita has been asked about the bankruptcy on two occasions: on Watch What Happens Live and at the reunion. Both times, her response was exactly the same, a canned answer that while technically correct, is false in it’s omissions.  Jacqueline indicated that the bankruptcy is not a personal bankruptcy, it was a forced bankruptcy filed by the creditors against the company, Signature Apparel Group to recoup their money. PARTIALLY TRUE

Jacqueline failed to disclose that Signature Apparel was forced into bankruptcy based upon  allegations that, among other things, the Lauritas fraudulently diverted funds from the company for their personal use in excess of $7,000,000.  (Case No. 09-15378)

The Court was compelled to appoint a Trustee, accountants, and attorneys for the protection of the creditors.  On November 3, 2010, the Trustee filed a Complaint against Christopher Laurita, Jacqueline Laurita, Joseph Laurita, Adeline Laurita and Anthony Laurita alleging fraudulent transfers of funds and asked that the Lauritas be held accountable due to fraud, embezzlement and/or larceny. (Case No. 10-04207)

Original Complaint was Amended on March 24, 2011

The Complaint states that Signature Apparel was founded in 2005 by brothers Chris and Joseph Laurita. Shortly after it’s inception, the Laurita brothers drained Signature Apparel of

all of its funds and assets in order to support the families’ increasingly opulent lifestyle of private jets, limousines, extravagant parties, premium automobiles, designer clothing, ostentatious home furnishings and lavish vacations.

Paragraph 1 of the Amended Complaint dated March 24, 2011.

The trustee further alleged that the Lauritas sought to liquidate Signature Apparel so there would be no money for creditors.  Signature Apparel transferred a license (to sell JayZ’s clothing line) to ROC Fashions, LLC for $2.8 million dollars. According to the US Trustee, instead of placing the $2.8 million dollars in the Signature Apparel account, Chris Laurita took the funds for services he claimed he rendered to ROC Fashions. The Trustee filed a case against Roc Fashions alleging that it conspired with the Lauritas to defraud creditors. (Case No. 11-02800)

So when Jacqueline Laurita claims that the bankruptcy is not a personal bankruptcy, she fails to mention that the U.S. Trustee personally charged her, her husband, three in laws with  fraud, conversion, embezzlement, larceny etc. and filed several lawsuits against persons and entities for conspiring with the Lauritas to defraud creditors.

On March 29, 2012, Judge Beck of the US Bankruptcy Court refused to dismiss the ROC Fashions case.   Judge Beck stated that the Complaint “alleges a very unsavory relationship between Roc Fashions and the Lauritas. And it alleges aiding and abetting some very bad behavior that damage the creditors of Signature Apparel.”  Page 16 of the March 29, 2012 Transcript. Judge Peck stated that “The allegations . . .  are frankly scandalous.” When the attorney attempted to minimize the issue, the Judge stated:

[T]he Lauritas conspired with your clients to divert 2.8 million dollars away from Signature Apparel. And the fact that your clients paid 2.8 million dollars to one of the Lauritas [Chris Laurita] is an incredibly bad fact.  And you know what? The affidavit doesn’t explain it; it doesn’t. In fact, what it does is puts a bull’s eye on your clients. 2.8 million dollars? That’s a lot of money.

March 29, 2012 Transcript Page 17

A Discovery Order was entered on August 13, 2012 in the lawsuit against Jacqueline Laurita and her family with the following dates:

  • Fact discovery completed by October 26, 2012
  • Expert discovery completed by February 22, 2013

What is most disturbing is the Lauritas apparently drained Signature Apparel of all it’s assets and reduced it to an empty shell, thus leaving the creditors holding “an empty bag of unpaid invoices.”  Attached is a list of some of the creditors that made up over fifty five million dollars of monies claimed to be due and owing:

  • Susan G Komen Cancer Foundation $18,000
  • Federal Express $14,300
  • American Express $$83,000
  • UPS $9,500
  • Ikon Financial $95,000
  • Artful Holdings, LLC $10,350,000
  • Studio IP Holdings, LLC $20,700,000
  • CitiGroup Commercial $200,000
  • Daihwa $456,000
  • Hitch & Trail, Inc. $3,699,000
  • Putnam Leasing $444,000
  • GiftTex: $96,000
  • Talful, LTD $4,750,000
  • Harvestway Ltd $5,051,000

It is unclear at this time if any of the aforementioned companies that were owed millions of dollars were forced to close and/or file for bankruptcy as a result of Signature Apparel’s inability and/or refusal to pay their debts.

Jacqueline Laurita needs to acknowledge the extent of her personal exposure. She seemed knowledgeable when discussing the Giudice bankruptcy, surely she knows her potential exposure where she is a named Defendant accused of fraud, embezzlement and larceny. Will she be as consumed about potential Jail Time as she was for her “friend?”

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RHONJ: Kathy Wakile’s Forty Year Grudge

Kathy Wakile has been on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for two seasons. As we all know, Kathy is Teresa Giudice’s cousin (Kathy’s mother and Teresa’s father are sister and brother).

Faux Reality says Kathy Wakile is a sweet bystander who is often caught in the cross fire between Teresa and her sister in law, Melissa Marco Gorga. But reality shows a different person. . . Kathy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. . . Full Article at Faux Reality Entertainment

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